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Visions in Feminism is a Washington, DC-based collective of people brought together by the common goals of social justice and feminism. The ViF Collective has organized an annual conference in the DC area since 2001. Originally hosted by the University of Maryland, the conference has been held at American University for the last six years.

Each year Visions in Feminism seeks to provide a forum for diverse perspectives on feminism. The conference not only sustains a constructive dialogue that will keep the movement relevant, but also hopes to inspire action by those in attendance. This action is intended to bring about the critical changes necessary in destabilizing the institution of patriarchy and other forms of oppression. Visions in Feminism brings together speakers, attendees, and organizers in an attempt to build a larger and stronger feminist community.

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The Visions in Feminism conference has been co-organized with the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program at American University.

2013 ViF Collective

2013 ViF Collective

The Collective
Every year a new group of individuals come together to form the collective that is responsible for the conference & surrounding activities. Below you will find the bios of the 2014 team.

Dorothy W.

Dorothy has lived in DC for over a decade now and first became active in feminist work during her post collegiate years.  She enjoys painting and hosting feminist book clubs. Dorothy attended the 2009 Visions in Feminism Conference and eagerly looks forward to working with the other collective members to plan the upcoming conference.

Jackie K.

Jacqueline K. was born and raised on the West Coast, but has slowly migrated eastwards, culminating in attending university in D.C., a short stint abroad, and back to the District to work on vegan nutrition, animal and child care professionally, and do art, nerd out on Francophone topics, practice yoga, smash patriarchy, and volunteer for fun. Her love for equality and justice (for all beings, great and small) has led her to the Visions in Feminism Collective.

Katie U.

Katie grew up in Africa, South America and arrived in DC 6 years ago to attend American University. Having graduated in 2009 with a degree in Public Relations and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, she now manages a lounge/music venue in DC. She has spent time working for the Sewall Belmont House/National Woman’s Party and has been with ViF for the past 2 years. Outside of work she enjoys dancing, painting, and is slowly learning the drums. She no longer has enough room for her growing feminist library and hopes to start her own book club in the near future.

Laura C.M.

Having published work in poetry, religious, and feminist magazines, Laura is a bit obsessed with the intersections of the political, personal, art, and spiritual. Her work with WACDTF and the Fully Engaged Feminism podcast has honed her organizational skills and challenged her views on ‘reaching out’ to the community. She can also geek out about writing C++ if you have an hour to spare.  Laura has been lucky enough to present at the 2009 & 2011 Visions in Feminism conference on the subjects of spirituality & effective meetings respectively. This, and her  work on the conference for the past three years, means that she is thrilled to be able to work again on the project this year. 

Dakota D.

A native to the DMV, Dakota is a women’s studies and public health senior at American University. Dakota is currently a collective member of AU Students for Choice, the Community Action and Social Justice organizing collective, a crisis hotline operator, and a proud union member of the Industrial Workers of the World. Dakota can usually be found drinking a cup of tea (or some craft beer!), nomming on vegan treats, and watching The X-Files.

Jess N.

Originally from Lancaster, PA, Jess is currently an undergraduate studying anthropology — well, mostly just queer women’s geography — and literature at American University. Though now working at the National Abortion Federation, Jess has worked with RAINN, Amnesty International, and the AU GLBTA Resource Center and has been lucky enough to be introduced to and become part of the wonderful ViF collective. Outside of work and school, she enjoys drinking an excessive amount of coffee, reading (and probably yelling) about poetry or linguistics, and listening to Billie Holliday.

Marissa D.

Is thrilled to join the ViF Collective.  Originally from the Boston area, she traveled down south to North Carolina to study Gender and Sociology. During her time in NC she organized the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies conference at Guilford College.  Post graduation in 2012, she moseyed back up the East Coast and began making her home in D.C.  In her spare time she loves to get lost in a good queer theory text, sew, and play Settlers of Catan.  She stumbled upon the ViF collective and is very excited to find others who enjoy spending their time planning rad feminist conferences!

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