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January 31, 2012 / vifadmin

Visions in Feminism Collective is Still seeking workshops!

The ‘2012 Visions in Feminism Conference on March 24th still has workshop slots open, and we have extended our submission deadline until 2/17/2012!


2012 Theme: Reclaiming Our Bodies:  Confronting Oppression & Celebrating Ourselves
No matter where you go, or the body you inhabit your body is supervised, policed, governed, judged, legislated, assumed upon and about. This year’s conference seeks to interrogate expectations, explore solutions and share successful strategies.

To submit a workshop please provide the following to

  • A synopsis and outline of the workshop
  • How would you describe this workshops direct relevance to this year’s theme;
  • What applicable skill will you be presenting and teaching;
  • What steps will you take to ensure inclusivity of all bodies no matter gender or sexual identity, ability, race, religion, etc;
  • a brief biographical paragraph on your workshop’s facilitator(s) and their relevant experience to the topics presented;
  • a draft of any hand-outs and presentation materials (audio/visual slides, etc).


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  1. Haru / Feb 18 2012 18:17

    Can’t wait! Last year was my first time, and I can’t wait to anettd again. I’ve even scheduled a day off from work so I could get some extra reading/writing time in.

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