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April 10, 2014 / vifadmin

Proud to Announce our 2014 Theme!

This Year’s Conference Theme is: Doing Feminism (focusing on action over identity)

Too often, feminism is used only as a noun; this year the VIF collective is exploring feminism as a verb and discussing the limitations of feminism being used solely as a label. By focusing on action over identity we are seeking out those working to create a culture that does not have an narrow definition of what a feminist is or what doing feminism looks like. The VIF collective’s understanding of ‘doing feminism’ is tied up in our combined experience in: food justice, reproductive justice, union organizing, and animal rights advocacy (to name a few). We hope that the conference, created (by both presenters and attendees), will be a genuine exchange of ideas, actions and challenges to our own understanding of activism.

Each year, Visions in Feminism seeks to provide a forum for diverse perspectives within a feminist framework to keep the movement relevant, inspire action by its attendees, and destabilize patriarchy and other forms of oppression.

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